Welcome to the 4TU Blog!

A new year, a new blog!

Hey! Welcome to 4TU’s shiny new blog. We’ve got some great plans in store for things to write here - we’re excited about what’s coming for all of our services and consoles, and even more excited to write and tell you about it!

4TU’s always been about focusing on the average person - the end user - and making homebrew more accessible for them, no matter what form that takes. This blog is one of the ways we plan to do that - we realised that our developers often have a unique perspective on a homebrew’s status and progress. This blog will be a place where that perspective gets out to users, with the goal of keeping you informed about the development and work going into homebrew. This won’t be limited to 4TU’s projects, or specific types of homebrew - we intend to report on all the areas we can get relevant info for; from homebrew applications and development libraries to game modding and emulation.

Stay tuned for our first post!

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Ash @quarktheawesome

I’m a 18yo Aussie developer working on all things Wii U; into PowerPC processors, semicolons and FOSS. WiiU’s way better than Switch (fight me) so you can guess which scene I write about! Completely normal. btw I use arch